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1. Pavement feat. The Young Men of WMBK & Da'Jon Cooper (prod. by Rod Wallace)

2. Grown feat. Rell 2X, King Ogundipe, & Lewy Seifer (prod. by Tru Klassick & Rod Wallace)

3. Proud of You feat. Buff1, Louis Picasso & Sam Watson (prod. by Beretta Shells)

4. A Mother's Love feat. Mother Hadden (prod. by Rod Wallace)

5. Live Long, Die Fast feat. Lewy Seifer & Louis Picasso (prod. by Louis Picasso)

6. The Cha​$​e feat. Approachable Minorities, King Ogundipe & Tru Klassick (prod. by Beretta Shells)

7. Been Through It Too feat. Rell 2X & Approachable Minorities (prod. by Beretta Shells

8. Down Home feat. King Ogundipe & Muntana (prod. by Beretta Shells)